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Disrupting Work on Underground Assets

A12 Blackwall Tunnel Water Main Repaired

Thames Water said that this section of road is...

Disrupting Work on Underground Assets

A12 Blackwall Tunnel Water Main Repaired

Thames Water said that this section of road is...

Keyhole surgery for utilities using innovative medical surgery techniques on underground assets.

We believe the human body comprises a series of critical conduits under the surface of the visible skin much the same as the streetworks environment  is a series of critical conduits under the visible roads gardens parks that make the environment and communities that we live in.

Surgery techniques have rapidly changed over the years in response to customer objections to visible scars and long recovery periods. The streetworks industry has arguably not changed at all over the last 50 years despite the same customer objections to road closures, coned off areas , heaps of spoil and other environment scarring practices.

At Keyhole Tech we are leveraging Innovations in pioneering surgery and using them to disrupt and innovate in the groundwork and excavation industry.

The medical surgery innovation and techniques we will use on underground assets, include; small keyhole insertions in to the ground to access and work on assets with minimal surface damage and the smallest holes, vacuum excavation to minimize service strikes and the size of excavations, long handled tools from the surface to effect repairs, the installation and use of robots AI and ‘in pipe’ techniques to analyse ,repair and monitor problems, the use of a mobile factory fully equipped with tools processes and information to mimic the operational surgery. All of these minimize streetworks disruption and reduce dramatically the carbon footprint and environmental impact of work

This KeyholeTech way of working allows us to radically improve health, safety and welfare as no operatives go below ground, all hard labour in effecting repairs and maintenance is undertaken by machines thus extending operators working lives, there will be no service strikes reducing injury and fatality, all work is automatically quality assured, consistent and complete due the quality assured factory environment, the work becomes acceptable to millennial and generation Z taking away the future resourcing problems for the industry.

The  keyholetech way of working also opens up the utilization of bigdata and the IoT to facilitate modern communication and gamification as well as autonomous, customer focused intelligent devices and real time data. The future is about super -local decentralised communities centered around customers  reflecting the way society works now and in the future. The key van mobile factory becomes the data mothership providing this interlinked world in the local community.

Keyholetech will take streetworks into the 21st century and change lives of customers and operators.

The street works industry has failed to change in the last 50 years to meet customer values and reflect the society we live in. Our vision is to change that and improve operator and customer lives through the 7 Keyhole Tech Principles below:

The Cloud

We use cloud technology to link the Ke- Van  keyhole tech mobile factory to the outside world and super -local customers and communities. It  enables us to create  instant analysis of real time assets and data, as well as AI, robotics and other intelligent devices.

Big Data

We use big data from pre-installed devices to measure, inform and improve our operational activities.

The Ke-Van

The Ke-Van is the keyholetech mobile factory and digital promotes a modern safe customer facing way to work on streetworks . As well as housing the KeyholeTech Quality assured vacuum excavation, surface coring, radar and QA, each van is a self-organising super – safe and agile factory and data mothership.

Our Eco-Initiative

Embedded in the way we work is a philosophy of efficiency, that allow us to leverage our data, analytics and processes to reduce our footprint on local environments.

Worker Welfare and Care

The Keyhole Tech mobile factory performs all the hard labour tasks extending operator careers, keeps all operators above ground and avoids all service strikes . The operator job is enhanced and futureproofed to attract millennials and alleviate resource shortfalls. It allows operators to do the important overseer work.

Pipeline Robotics and AI

We develop, install and monitor robotics and AI as well as ‘in pipe’ and ‘on pipe’ devices safely and efficiently. These devices are continuously monitored, analysed and activated from our mobile factory.

Our Customers and Local Communities

The future for all utility activity we believe is focused on the customer, via super-local community activity. We believe in creating that community by taking our factory to the assets and customers communicating digitally and promoting a modern innovative brand.

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