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Big Data

Our mobile factory is used to install and monitor devices (cameras, drones, embedded units, Micro robots, etc). The communication of all these assets allows us to create live snapshots of asset health and performance direct from the factory. Operators can then use our toolkits to to improve and modernise the work processes through analysis of real time data on areas such as GPS, scheduling, diagnostic tools and just in time logistics. We use advanced analytics applied to the real time data to efficiently utilise the workshop, reduce bottlenecks, monitor performance and capture customer satisfaction to make smarter decisions on the job.

Our mobile factory is equipped to make the most of big data opportunities. We use big data to measure, inform and improve your operational activities.By utilising the cloud we can allow digital access at any time to remote experts prior to an Operation. Some of the things KT’s Big Data Can help with:

1. Avoid Costly delays on- site (Traffic Delays)

2. Manage time effectively in line with Environment – Weather

3. Anticipate External factors affecting efficiency – (Schools in area, Sports games etc).