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Low Carbon and Clean Activity

Embedded in the way we work is a philosophy of efficiency, that allow us to leverage our data, analytics and processes to reduce our footprint on local environments.

Our joint research shows that our start to end operation has 16 times less impact on road users, reducing traffic caused and the harmful emissions produced. We are further committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by 100% in urban areas.

We can protect real environment by non-destructive excavation around trees roots, architectural and environmentally sensitive areas. Our Smart Data approach to planning and scheduling enables a 30% reduction in vehicle usage on all jobs.

Our methods mean we dig a 30% smaller hole than existing methods. This  subsequently produces 30% less material for backfill, less quarrying and less vehicle mileage. When this is coupled with our commitment to recycle all excavated materials, we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of each operation; there isn’t even a need for new tarmac – we just reuse the existing surface core.